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We can say that the most important factor preventing smile is dental health. While smiling, we use less muscles than sulking, but many people cannot smile with pleasure because their dental health is not good. If you look in the mirror every day and say things like ‘I wish my teeth were a little whiter and a little smoother’; means that you are not aware of your need for smile design. The first thing to do is to design a smile with your dentist. For this, several processes must be done together, in a planned and correct manner. First of all, a general and detailed examination and then treatment planning should be done for a correct smile design. The main parameters that determine the smile design are; Facial features, gender, age, smile symmetry, the order and colors of the teeth, the relationship of the jaws, the tip of the chin, the nose, the lips and the gums are the factors that determine the expression of the aesthetic smile.

What are the techniques used in smile design?

Smile design is to plan the harmony of the teeth and gums with the lip movement that occurs during the smile. If the source of the problem is teeth; Lamina (leaf porcelain), zirconia veneers, empress (full porcelain), e-max (glass porcelain) can be made to increase or decrease the size, regulate their alignment and curvature. Whitening can be done for the color and tone of the teeth. If the problem is caused by gingiva, lip shaping applications such as gingival operations, vestibuloplasties, lip fillings, botox application can be performed.

What are the advantages of having a smile design done?

After the smile design; When a person smiles, their lips and teeth move correctly. Gums regain their normal appearance. The colors of the teeth become lighter and make the person look young. Cracks and fractures in the teeth are corrected, the closure of the teeth is corrected and the relationship between the jaws is improved. The excessive functions of the muscles are corrected and they return to their normal state. If necessary, facial proportions are normalized by performing nose and chin surgeries or chin tip correction.

How does the smile design treatment process progress?

The process flow is carried out taking into account the priorities of the patient. For this reason, it can be spread over a long period of time, or it can be completed in a shorter time. The procedures begin with the oral structure and dental health examination of the person and informing them about the problems in these areas. Information is also provided about the points that the person knows or is not aware of about oral and dental health. Teeth alignment, closing problems or gum problems are examined. As a result of the examination, the order of actions to be taken is decided. Which treatments will be applied are determined together with our patients.

What are the smile design criteria?

gum health
Balance in gingival levels
tooth form
Tooth surface structure
cutting edge curvature
Interdental contact level
lower lip line
Thread sizes

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