Frequently Asked Questions

You may contact us directly, via telephone, fax or email. You may call us from our contact numbers or fill-out the enquiry form on our website.

When you make an appointment with us, let us know that your family will be traveling with you, and please ask for booking a hotel and/or transfers for you.

Our doctors and staff speak fluently English. You will also get written patient consent letters in English or in your preferred language.

Coming to Turkey is quite simple. Turkish Airlines (THY) has got direct flights to most international airports. Please visit for flight schedules. You may also benefit from special promotions of Turkish Airlines for health tourism.

According to the actual legislations in Turkey, a foreign patient living abroad is exempt from 8% VAT (Value Added Tax) as long as the treatment has been done in an institution accredited for International Health Tourism.

Our clinic is accredited and authorized for International Health Tourism by the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

For multiple entries, please apply in advance to the nearest Turkish Embassy in your country for acquiring these details. Your applications will have to be accompanied by letters from us, explaining the duration of the planned treatment.

Although some countries’ passport holders are exempt from visa for their travels up to 30-90 days, or may apply for entry visas for a fee at the Turkish border gates, it is advised for travellers to call the nearest Turkish diplomatic mission for passport and visa requirements.

You must have all relevant information on your medical condition, including X-rays, test results, medical and dental history/records, and your current medications.

You need to state your name, as it shown in your passport, your present address, and date of birth, a brief note on your medical problem and the preferred date of the appointment

It is best to schedule appointments before your arrival to minimize delays and inconvenience. Our professional staff will provide you information about your treatment costs, payment procedures, local tours and excursions, visa procedures, guidance service after arrival, and in dealing with international insurance companies. They can make arrangements for consultation, second opinions and appointments.

The best sterilization procedure in dentistry is autoclave sterilization. The quality and efficiency of this procedure may differ between autoclave brands and models.Our sterilization procedures consist ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave sterilization. All of our devices of sterilization fulfil European EN13060 norms.

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Hello, how can we help you?
Hello, how can we help you?