Dental Crowns

The treatments we perform intra oral aim to treat the lost function, phonation, and aesthetic disorders of our patients. We call dental crowns the restorations we make to treat color changes, dental fractures, or abrasions over time.
Zirconium crowns are a crown material that we often prefer because they are made from a material that closely mimics the look of real teeth and have a very good biological compatibility with tissues. Zirconium dental crowns have a very solid structure as well as are aesthetic. In the treatment of zirconium dental crowns, some preparation should be done on the teeth and then temporary teeth are made for the patients. Thus, the biting, speaking, and aesthetic problems of the patients will not be a problem anymore until the dental crown treatment is over. Zirconium dental crowns can be made in a much shorter time and are error-free with digital dentistry.

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