Laminate Veneer

Laminate Veneer is a thin porcelain leaf that is put to the front to improve the overall look of the teeth. After the laminate veneer is made, your dentist can make temporary restorations for your teeth, if necessary, and they will be placed in your mouth by your dentist.

Laminate veneers are made of E-max porcelain. This porcelain material has high strength and looks just like a real teeth. Thanks to the transparent feature of porcelain, laminate veneers look as bright and natural as your own teeth. As mentioned earlier, this type of veneer has many applications in dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry. After teeth whitening, crown lengthening, porcelain laminates are some of the applications where this type of veneer is widely used. Digitally prepared E-max laminate veneers are attached to the teeth. After the procedure, you will have a brand new smile without effort.

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